Wednesday, November 28, 2007

III. In Which Our Hero Flips Out a Little

The lab-partner scarf is finished, and I have to admit that it's pretty great. It's currently blocking on my friend Emily's extra bed.

I've been on a rabid knitting perfectionism streak lately. In the last two days, I have ripped out cast-ons, made gauge swatches and ripped those, started projects in the right gauge and ripped because I didn't like the yarnovers, ripped the scarf's too-tight cast-off, ripped my Twinkle cardigan's cast-off and misplaced buttonholes, decided that I'm going to do away with the buttonholes altogether (goddammit!) and picked up a project from over the summer - a case of second sock syndrome, except this time I've decided that I like the second sock better, and will be ripping out the first sock. (And heartily. It's very satisfying to undo those hours of work, really. About as satisfying as gnawing my hand off.) I did something funky with the gauge - I think I remember using size 1 dpns, but now I'm using 1s on the cuff and it's decidedly longer than the first cuff even though the number of pattern repeats is the same. Oh well. I knit them during my EMT class to refrain from the aforementioned gnawing of limbs, and even though they are ridiculously pretty, the instep is too tight for my feet, probably because I used size 0s because I was distracted by the curmudgeonly old Australian doctor accidentally making dirty jokes about airway devices.

Ok, and now it's two in the morning and I'm all crazied out. More time for ripping tomorrow!

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