Wednesday, July 1, 2015

FO: Lupine

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It's been ridiculously hot in Seattle for the last week or two, which is exactly what I don't want in my summer. Give me 65 degrees and drizzle any day and I'll be happy! All I want to do when it's this hot is to sit around in shorts, knitting and drinking red wine with ice and seltzer water. Instead, I've been slowly working through my blocking basket, moving, and writing patterns. High five, self!

As a side effect of this industriousness, I have a pattern that's just about ready for testing: Lupine, a fun little bias shawl with a garter & lace stripe detail and scalloped edging, knit in one skein of gorgeous Malabrigo Mechita. She'll be exclusive to The Fiber Gallery for a bit, after which she'll be available to all of you lovely folks! I'll be sure to keep you posted on her release.

In the meantime, I might go lie on my floor with a popsicle and a rat. This weather, seriously!

Happy Wednesday, friends - and stay cool!

Friday, June 26, 2015

WIP: Nusa

nusawip2 nusawip

Woomph! It's been a busy couple of weeks here at the Rat Castle. Unpacking, doing laundry, deep-cleaning the old place... blech. Luckily, we're getting close to being done with our old apartment, which means we can start focusing on the new place. We're already learning the quirks of our little house - the slightly tilted floors, the deadbolt that locks a certain way, the basement door that can't quite accommodate a full-sized couch through it - but even so, there's something really nice about caring for a place that we actually own. The other night after dinner, I cut down a thatch of blackberry canes underneath a bush in the front yard, and as dusk settled, I looked back at my work and felt a sort of pride for this lopsided piece of earth that I had coaxed into order. It's a new feeling, that pride, and one that I'm beginning to really enjoy.

(Edited to add: Speaking of Pride, the Supreme Court of the US ruled on Marriage Equality today, which nicely coincides with Pride weekend. I'm so happy and proud for my country, and so happy and proud for my LGBTQ dear ones, I hardly have words. So much love today!)

In between all of that, though, I've been working on the Nusa cowl sample - my contribution to the Three Fates Design Challenge - which I started sometime last week and have been steadily humming away on since. I've had to rip it back about 4 million times, specifically at that pesky color join, but now it's on its way! Now I have miles of striped stockinette to knit before I have to think again, thank goodness...

Happy Friday, and happy Pride, friends!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FO: Socks, and More Socks!

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Even though moving has dominated our free time over the last month, I've managed to fit in some major knitting of the sock variety! I've finished up not one but two pairs of socks in the last few weeks: one for me and one for Lumberjack. They're both plain socks, dead simple to knit, which was perfect for my scattered, exhausted brain. So even though my studio is still covered in boxes, our kitchen is half-unpacked, and the whole house is due for a good vacuuming... at least our feet are nice and warm?

More details on Ravelry here and here.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Friday, June 12, 2015

FO: Custom Fit Blouse

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Oh, this one. I started this Custom Fit blouse a long time ago, probably back in November or so? Knit in Ultra Pima on small needles, this was a physically difficult fabric to create, so it took me quite a while to finish this sweater.

Overall, I'm glad that I went through the process, but the final product isn't quite what I'd hoped. As I've mentioned to many of our Custom Fit customers at the shop, it can take a sweater or two to tweak the pattern to your exact specifications, and my own experience was no different.

As far as my own fit issues go, here's a couple of things I would change, if the thought of tearing out this sweater didn't make me immediately curl up into a ball, pill-bug style:

- The width of the shoulders is very good, but the depth of the armhole is a little bit too much - I can feel the shoulder seams raising up every time I lift my arms. (I also like the armholes on my blouses high and tight, so that's a personal preference thing too.) Easy fix there.

- I did the Close Fitting silhouette, and it's just not fitted enough for my taste. The cotton yarn I used also stretched past my schematic measurements by about an inch total, so that can account for some of it. But even so, the schematic called for 2.5 inches of positive ease in the waist, which is way more than I'd usually prefer. I would have liked to see a very fitted option. As a busty person who can easily look 10-20 pounds heavier with less fitted silhouettes, I prefer to have a skosh of negative ease in the waist in knit blouses, which doesn't seem to be possible with Custom Fit given the sweater templates available. (Other Custom Fit folks, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about that!)

- Holy cats, the sweep of the hip is huge on this thing! There is so much extra fabric at the hip that it is unwearable with anything but a very full skirt. This is probably a gauge problem, and probably would have been fine if I hadn't gone up a needle size on the Daisy Stitch edging.

Overall, I think Custom Fit is a powerful product for knitters interested in garment construction, particularly prolific sweater knitters. The measuring process is a bit more in-depth, but well worth it for the detailed fit information it provides. I think it's worth it for any knitter to give it a whirl.

For me personally, I'm such a control freak, and I have such specific tastes in silhouettes and fit, that I don't think Custom Fit is the right program for me, and that's okay! I love understanding the nitty gritty details of design and construction, and now I know that I really do want to get my hands dirty with some math to get the fit I want.

And in the meantime, my Custom Fit sweater is gonna go chill at The Fiber Gallery with its Custom Fit sweater buddies.

More details on Ravelry here.

Happy Friday!