Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oops, I cast on something else.

So the other day I realized that none of my projects are portable. And by portable, I mean that the boyfriend's socks failed at life, I'm up to the fingers on the cabled gauntlets, and I decided to change the stitch pattern on the Ellen scarf. Rrrrrrgh. So, being the resourceful knitter I am, I tore through my stash to find something handpainted and socky, to cast on right now. And I did. And I got through a repeat and a half of a 48-row pattern: the Rib Fantastic pattern from the fabulous new book, Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns.

And then I put it on my foot and realized it was waaay tooo big.


But it ended up being a good thing, because I cast on again with 6 fewer stitches, which killed the fledgling little pools of color. Seriously, I have not seen a single puddle in this whole sock so far. Which makes it really hard to put down, which is bad, considering that I have an exam in inorganic chemistry on Friday. D'oh.

The yarn is some Claudia's Handpainted from my stash, in the colorwar Ingrid's Blues. I love the stitch definition and softness of this yarn - it's springy, but still feels strong. Also, I'm finding that the 2.5 mm Crystal Palace needles I bought over the summer are immensely useful - they are the perfect balance between US 1s and 2s; the stitch they create is neither too large or too squeezed. I would definitely buy another set.

I'm calling the socks Margaret on Ravelry, after my mother's best friend who sadly passed away last winter. She was born in the 1920s in New Mexico, and I always loved the paintings of the desert and pueblos she had on her walls when I was a kid.

Another project I've been working on is reorganizing my room. My roommate, Emily, left for India for the semester, so I bought out the other half of the room so that I could have a super single. It's really nice to have so much space, and although I miss having a roommate, I really couldn't ask for a nicer room to live in. And, along with reorganizing my room, I reorganized my stash. It gets its own little closet - aww!

I've been making an effort to not buy yarn lately. I have so many wonderful things in my stash, and I want to knit all of them! I have a few skeins of yarn in Seattle, too, but nothing too drastic. I have enough yarn for 2 sweaters and several garments, as well as a crapton of sock yarn, and I'm getting to the point where it feels a little bloated. Also, a couple of pairs of handknit socks have bitten the dust in the last couple weeks, so that motivates me a little to finish more socks.

Which is why I should go and study crystal lattices now, so I can procrastinate by finishing that sock. Ehhhh!

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