Friday, January 21, 2011

Project Planning: Lehe Square Shawl


Lately I've been trying to make an effort to keep more projects on the needles.  Usually, I'm pretty monogamous to one piece at a time, but in the past six months or so it's been a problem.  I'll cast on for something, work at it until it's done, and then realize I don't have anything else to work on.  It's ok when I have the time to think about and cast on for something new, but when I'm busy it means that I just don't knit.


Since I'm working on Miraldette, I'm in my knitting happy place - but I still want to be there when I cast off!  So I wound a new skein of Prism lace in colorway Fog - 1360 yards of what feels like cobweb weight - to cast on for the Lehe Square Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia.  It's only shown folded over in the book, but the finished versions I've seen on Ravelry are really beautiful.  It doesn't fit in so well with the rest of the be-nupped beauties from the book, but I'm hoping that a slightly variegated yarn will really help it shine.

Now all I have to do is motivate myself to do the provisional cast-on!

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