Monday, February 23, 2015

FO: Socks for a Lumberjack

lumberjacksocks3 lumberjacksocks2

My poor Lumberjack-y companion. We've been married for a year and change, and together for over four, and still he is woefully short on knitted things. I mean, that's supposed to be the advantage of entering a legally binding commitment with a knitter, right? You might have to put up with skeins of yarn jumping out of unexpected cabinets like tribbles, but in return, they keep you decked out in sweet, sweet woolens. (It's a pretty fair trade, if you ask me.)

Until recently, I have been positively remiss in my duties as Knitter on Call. But what's this? Wham, bam, pair of custom-made socks? Hello, new bargaining chip!

Uh, Cory, why is there a stack of pink laceweight on top of my video games?

Shhhh... I knit you socks, remember?

Har. I'm the worst.

(Details on Ravelry here.)


Tahnee said...

Can't argue with that logic ;) So far I haven't knit my boyfriend a thing in the nearly 10 years we've been together, except for the most boring scarf ever. But to be fair I don't think he'd be very appreciative of any hand knits, so he just has to put up with all my yarn without any of the benefits. I love the socks you made, perfect warm lumberjack socks.

Kat Riddell said...

I'm (fortunately?) chronically single, so I don't have to worry about outfitting anyone in knits...except my mum, my sister, and all my knitworthy friends :) Great socks, those should definitely get you some good bargaining power for a while.

Rebecca said...

My guy is always asking for a sweater. I promised I would make him one for our first marriage anniversary. But you know, we first need to be engaged. So no pressure on me yet ;)