Wednesday, November 11, 2015

F / W 2015: Lingon

Next up in the F / W Collection is another brand-new accessory pattern: the Lingon shawl. As with the other items in the collection, it will be available for download this Friday, November 13th.

Lingon is knit in one or two skeins of Swans Island Natural Colors Merino Fingering, a hand-dyed, organic merino that creates a soft, finely textured fabric. Additional details on the yarn and pattern can be found on Ravelry.

colling8 colling13colling7 colling2

I discovered the music of Sigur Rós when I was fifteen. I listened to the album ( ) on repeat on my little silver Discman and headphones as I studied for chemistry exams in a deserted cafeteria, as I wrote short stories in my bedroom at 2 am, as I walked the mile to school in my Chucks and rainbow socks. This strange music was a key moment in my musical awakening: in a caught breath on the freeway overpass when the sun was shining and the sidewalk was covered in a crust of ice crystals, thrown suddenly into dazzling light. It was the sound of longing and joy and bitter cold, the pulls of a bow on a guitar creating a sound like music from inside a canyon. I had never heard anything so beautiful.

 It was there as I grew older, Takk... on repeat while I studied for my college calculus final and the snow fell in gentle drifts outside my dorm room window, my heart broken over a boy who didn't love me. And again, Valtari on repeat as I steamed yards and yards of red wool for the last piece in my senior collection for NYFA, as I cut and stitched little pieces of lace together into a gentle curve, as I lay on the couch in the magazine room at school and the shadows fell through the window in grey slanted lines.

And again, when Gobbledigook played as I walked down the aisle ten years later, to marry the kid who had taken me to my first Sigur Rós concert when we were seventeen, when we both sat in awe of the glitter of stage lights and the dark tangle of cords and instruments from which came all that vast, heartbreaking beauty.

And so, Lingon is a sort of a love letter to the possibilities of darkness and light; of curve and line. To the sparse and linear, as well as their inverse: the shape of a set of parenthesis, or a crown of berries, or a rising sun.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

Model & Styling: Nicole Hood
Designer, Photographer & Styling: Cory Ellen Boberg

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pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Beautiful shawl, and what a beautifully written post!