Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Glimpse of the Unfinished...

Spring Semester started almost three weeks ago.

So far I'm surviving. I have a calculus tutor, I do my homework on time, and I'm still able to find time to knit every so often. I try for at least an hour a day, but that's not always possible - last week I went three days without knitting (oh horror!). But, I remedied that this week - with the picking up and knitting of the collar/button band of my sweater.

It's pretty curly, as you can tell. But I like the line that the steek left, the clean shoulder seams, and the truly lovely decrease edge. I wasn't sure how much I liked the diamonds while I was doing them, but after seeing the sweater hanging on my wall for the last week or so, I really enjoy the focal point that they provide - first you look at the stripes, and your eye is drawn upward to the shoulder motif - beautiful!

I can't even say how fun it is to work on the sweater now that it's a hobby again, rather than a project with a deadline. I sew some seams here, weave in some ends there... and holy crap, there's a work of art (thanks, Ms. Avery!) hanging on my wall when I wake up in the morning.

I've been trying to finish some little projects in the time I can steal between homework and classes. I finished the first hand (sans thumb) of my Corazon mittens, and although kitchener makes me frustrated and the hand is in need of ironing, I will hopefully have warm hands sometime in the next two weeks.

I find it hilarious, by the way, that for a person who knits constantly, I own the following hand-knit items:

1 Twinkle cardigan
6 pairs socks
2 pairs fingerless mitts
1 little scarflet (blue Cash Iroha silk - yum!)
1 long, skinny silk scarf
0 hats
0 mittens.

No one ever said I was practical!

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