Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So, after a long time without an update (and I'm afraid this one will be without pictures too - my camera is being spaztastic!), I have news: I'm done with the body and sleeves of the sweater. And actually, I have cut the body steeks and picked up 210 stitches for the right front and 62 for the neck. Only 210 more to go, and then I can knit the cuff, cast off, sew on the sleeves and buttons, weave in the 50,000,000,000 1-inch ends and then I can wear it! Probably, though, it will be April by then, at which time I won't need the damn thing.

There has been very little progress on the knitting front since last Tuesday morning at 3 am. I met with my Winter Term advisor (also my chem professor - whee!) and turned in my paper, so I wanted to have both sleeves done so I wouldn't feel lame when turning it in. So I stayed up late and finished. I watched Juno, which was adorable, and Ella Enchanted, which was disgustingly sappy and overwrought. I didn't finish it, partly because I was sleepy, and partly because it was just so awful that it needed to end prematurely. Which is disappointing, since I loved the book when I was 9 years old.

The reason there has been no knitting lately is because a) I was so sick of the sweater, and b) the semester has started, and there's very little time for knitting except between classes, when I've been trying to diligently do homework instead. (Hahah.) I have picked up stitches along the steek, though, which is a strangely zen process involving counting and picking up and ripping and picking up again, and just being ok with that somehow. I think it's funny that I get so keyed up if I don't get to knit. I'm trying to allow myself at least an hour a day to do it, but sometimes it gets lost in all the homework I have to do. Sigh.

Luckily, I have a bunch of projects on the needles, which I will hopefully document and finish in the next few months. Here are my top three most important to just finish, seriously, ok?

1. Tubey. Tubey tubey tubey tubey. It's a gorgeous color of purple, and the neckline is very flattering on me, but it's on the home stretch, and I get so ridiculously bored doing 3x1 ribbing without watching tv or doing something else. This is #1 on my sweater priorities after the Fair Isle Cardigan. I started it almost two years ago, before I understood ease even a little. Yeah.... it needs to die.
2. Sparkly Surplice Camisole. From Knitting Lingerie Style, which I love. Again, it's on the home stretch. I wasn't sure how much yarn I actually had, so I modified it to knit the top flat and the bottom lace part in the round. Just need to get the motivation to knit simple lace for another 18"....
3. Embossed Leaves Socks. These shouldn't be too bad. I can usually bang out a sock in a week or so, and this sock in particular is fun to knit. I switched needle sizes after a catastrophic STR Embossed Leaves sock that never got a mate because it was way too big, even for my enormous feet. I finished one during winter term, but then it got to be Fair Isle Crunch Time, and it was promptly dropped for lots of tiny little balls of Shetland.

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Ondrea said...

Ella Enchanted is one of my favorite books ever. That is crap they ruined it for the movie.

I'm not sure my lace lightning bolts are coming out correctly, but I'm knitting them anyways.