Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finals Eat My Soul

Okay, so I'm elbow-deep in Chinese film and literature. Well, actually not, but close enough - for my final Chinese lit paper, I'm writing a compare/contrast essay using Brokeback Mountain (Annie Proulx's short story and Ang Lee's film) and To Live, a really depressing book by Yu Hua that was adapted into film by Zhang Yimou (the same guy who did Hero and House of Flying Daggers). I'm actually really enjoying it. This being such, there hasn't been a huge amount of knitting lately.

However - I bought some Queensland Cotsoy for the Hexacomb Cardigan from the spring issue of IK. I love the drape of this yarn - it's really soft and almost silky in character, and I'm hoping that the cardigan will be a good match for the yarn. So far I'm liking it, but I've also never knit a short cardigan, so we'll see how flattering that is on me.

I had to tweak the color a little - for some reason, my camera doesn't like photographing blues!

The one thing that's driving me batty is that this is going reeeeeeally slow. I don't know if it's the lack of knitting time, the 200-odd stitch rows, or the non-stretchiness of the yarn, but it feels like 5.5 inches of this pattern has required way too many hours of work. I do love the color, though, and the finished look of the yarn - it's very polished, like something you would buy at a slightly more inspired version of The Gap. (Yeah, I'm lame, I love The Gap. Bad me!)

Luckily, I have five movies to keep me busy during reading period. I had to get Brokeback Mountain and To Live for my paper, but the other three are strictly for watching with Boy Person: Dogma, The Motorcycle Diaries (and the ridiculously tasty Gael Garcia Bernal!) and In The Mood For Love. (Once again, I show my disgusting affinity for East Asian films. Oh, how I love you, Wong Kar-wai...!)

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