Monday, March 9, 2009

Boyfriend Socks Are Not Made Of Fail!

Backstory: I started a pair of gorgeous blue Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern socks for the boyfriend about 5 months ago. I used size 0 US needles, just like it recommended in the pattern. As the sock got longer, I started to suspect that they would fit me, but not the boyfriend. So I had him try them on... and they wouldn't even squeeze over his instep. D'oh. But size 0 is very small, and I had almost a whole sock, so I finished them and kept them.

Then, I thought that I would use some stash yarn to actually make him some socks. I used the Gentleman's Fancy Sock and size 1s, which are a size up from what is recommended. I started the sock in Bali, and then realized that I was having the too-small problem again, but wouldn't be able to prove it until I got home. So I put the socks away for a while. When I brought them out again, I had him try them on......... and they were too small. I gave up entirely. I knitted the Rib Fantastic socks. I tried not to be too disappointed. I mean, I've knit the guy two scarves and a hat, and I knit about a thousand socks for myself every month, and yet he only has one pair of worsted-weight (and now felted!) hiking socks from me. I want to share the goodness of hand-knit socks with the dude I like, and I can't because I keep on underestimating the size of his freakin' feet. Sigh.

So: last week, I re-started the boyfriend's socks on size 2 US needles with the same yarn (charcoal Baby Ull) and have now knit the cuff, heel, and some of the foot. And today was the moment of truth; I took the sock over to his room and had him try it on... and it fit. Kinda perfectly. Yessssss.

Knitting mojo = 5 billion

Knitting fail = 0