Tuesday, June 23, 2009

so bad, so good!

A few weeks ago, Angela and I took a trip to French Creek Fiber Arts in Avon. I've been there several times before, and I almost always buy yarn there because of their beautiful selection of sock yarn (lots of CTH!), laceweight, and books. This time, sort of on a whim, I bought this gorgeous Claudia Handpainted silk laceweight - all because I was looking at it wistfully, and the owner mentioned that there was a pattern for a silk shirt that only took 2 skeins. I ended up buying the green sock yarn, the pattern, a pair of size 1 Addis, and the yarn. I was a little dubious about laceweight on size 1s, and let it sit in the bag for about two weeks... and then, last Friday night, after doing the finishing on Siren and half-heartedly swatching for the shirt earlier in the day, I was sitting at the lab and suddenly decided to cast on.

This is what it looked like Friday night. Right now, this front piece is 11.5 inches long. In between reactions and making solution and moving the lab across an industrial building and up a flight of stairs, I have been madly knitting away. I haven't knit garments in so long, so this sudden influx of handmade blouses is going to be a treat in the fall.

Oh yeah, also: I'm no longer allergic to crochet. In fact, I bought a book on it and have nervously finished the armholes of Siren with single crochet. Take that, irrational fear of hooking! (Hahah.)


Kimi said...

Would love to see the pattern for this, looks lovely!

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