Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is a pod of elephant seals chillin' on a beach in Santa Cruz, CA. The day was warm. Two adult males butted heads for about five seconds, then decided that they were le tired and settled down their 2-ton selves for a long, delicious, and terrifically stinky nap. It's molting season, so little flecks of elephant seal bristles lined the path down to the ocean.

Whew! That little hiatus was longer than I expected. Unfortunately I have no knitting content (again), mostly because I have done precious little knitting in the last glorious three weeks of my life. Much yarn was bought; many sights of California were... sighted... ; dorkages with a good friend and the Curmudgeon were had. Skirts were bought with great joy and wringing of hands. It was a good time.

The above picture was taken by the Curmudgeon in Big Sur. I was walking down the path and all of a sudden he said, "HANG ON you're all flippy and modelly, I'm going to take a picture ok?" Big Sur, incidentally, is like an alien planet where blue jays like to attack humans, birds, and squirrels alike, where everything is large and either very foggy or very blue. See?

Anyhow. Skirt story: I had ducked over to a lovely knitting shop, The Swift Stitch, and a little vintage boutique the day before and scored a high-waisted wool/cashmere skirt for $40. Also, let me just say that my bank account is far more meager today than it was three weeks ago. I blame my undying support for local business, because apparently "supporting local business(es)" to me means oh my gosh they have madelinetosh/jade sapphire/habu/handmaiden/yarn spun from the underbelly fluff of pymgy marmosets! I could make that into something, right? yes, yes I could! And then I hand over the debit card and... well, it's all over after that.

some of the haul:

- 1 skein madelinetosh sock, fucshia + green = win
- full color set of jamieson shetland spindrift for autumn rose pullover (planned to have a higher neckline!)
- 360 yards of burgundy bison/alpaca blend set to be this adorable eyelet cap from the new VK
- 2 cones of silver-grey jaggerspun zephyr to make the crown prince shawl
- 2 skeins shibui sock in chinese red
- 2 balls dark green baby ull to combine with unknown white stash yarn to make laila's socks
- 2 skeins lorna's laces in a beautiful red/purple/gold colorway, at deep discount, to make 3x1 ribbed socks

all this, plus the sock yarn that I had left at home because "I can't knit it all while I'm at school!" Hahahah. It's all coming back with me, because dammit, I have to try.

I would say that I'm going to have a serious yarn hangover when I get home... but no. No, I will not. I will just spread it all out on the squishy new bed of my squishy new apartment and nap in it.

..... at least, until I have to start taking physics.

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