Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stash Appreciation Wednesday: Wollmeise Edition

Wow, it's been a while! Last week was fall break, and I went to Chicago to visit my yarny friend Bethany.

We had a great time! I'll have more about yarny goodness that was acquired on the trip, but for now, this is a picture of Bethany and me on the bank of Lake Michigan. There was a lot of construction on the El while I was there, which sometimes threw a wrench in travel plans, but for the most part I was seriously impressed with the transportation system. Buses every 8 minutes what?!?

Anyhow, since it is Stash Appreciation Wednesday and I've missed the last two weeks, I'll share one of my recent acquisitions from Ravelry.


It's Wollmeise, dudes. Only one of the most coveted fingering weight yarns on the market, and it seems that it really does live up to the hype - massive yardage, soft, and incredible colors. It has such an interesting construction; the first time I saw it, I thought it was a cotton although it's just a multi-plied, tightly twisted wool yarn.

It's destined to become some twisted stitch knee socks for a private reading that I'm doing.

On an unrelated topic, I found a great use of a shibori scarf I finished back in August!

Combining colors surprises me so much sometimes. Who knew that grey, yellow gold, pink, brown, and dragonskin green would go together?


Emily said...

How are your outfits always SO. ADORABLE?

And mmmm, yummm, Woolmeise knee socks...

Cory Ellen said...

Hey thanks! I like to start with something really simple and then make it interesting by throwing on something slightly weird (and hopefully knitted).

I'm so excited to start making socks... now, to finish all the other projects I'm working on!

Ondrea said...

Yay for Bethany!

Where was the 2nd yarn picture taken? Some warehouse?

Cory Ellen said...

It was actually taken in Java Zone! I had to turn the exposure way up to get enough light, though, so it made the background sort of blurry and industrial-looking.