Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stash Appreciation Wednesday: Snowed In Edition

Stash Appreciation Wednesday is back! Well, sort of, because it's actually Thursday. Stash Appreciation Wednesday got stuck in her driveway while trying to back out in the damn snow. The snowplows finally came around last night, but until then little Wednesday had to stare out the window longingly.

This week, the spotlight is on Pagewood Farms Willow Creek laceweight in the colorway River Rock. I don't usually go for multi-colored laceweight, but this colorway is just brilliant: softly heathered colors, deep and complex like shetland, but soft enough to wear around your neck. I noticed a lack of purples in my laceweight stash, so when I went to Weaving Works over the holidays and Santa (aka my mother) asked me what I wanted for Christmas, this was immediately in the running.

And I even got to act surprised when I opened it on Christmas. I think its destined to become the Triangular Scarf in Leaf Pattern, a somewhat under-loved pattern from Knitted Lace of Estonia. Are we seeing a trend in my lace-knitting projects? Damn you, Nancy Bush, for being so brilliant!

Also joining the party: a newly-cast on Multnomah in Ella Rae Lace Merino. And yes, this is a different colorway from what's already in my stash. Yes, I realize I have a problem. But one color in my stash is reserved for a design project, two are for a large project, and one is a combination of colors that I'm only brave enough to wear on my feet. So, you see, I had to get a face-friendly, super-soft skein of yarn for this project, which I suddenly and violently became enamored with after seeing many beautiful versions on ravelry. Plus, it's perfect in-class knitting: not too much going on, but just enough garter-y goodness to keep me focused.

Now, if only it would stop snowing...


Unknown said...

You bought more ella rae! Oh let me see what it knits up like? Puh-leeese?

I probably shouldn't tell you this but KnitPicks Stroll yarn is at $3.69/skein right now. Oh yes. It is made of awesome.

Come find me!

fecknom said...

oh oh. we could now do a yarn-based knitalong. my pagewood lace is going to be arctic diamonds, someday.