Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm alive! And there are nupps to prove it!

See? Alive! And drinkin' a mojito on the patio of this really good Asian fusion restaurant near Oberlin. My friend Emily, her housemate Christine, and I went out shopping today and returned with shoes, commencement dresses, and adorable little hair flowers. The last couple of weeks have been incredibly difficult, but I'm finally getting a chance to take a break and what do I do? Make sure I have errands to do every day to keep me busy. I've handwashed my clothes, paid bills, knit like crazy, and generally taken care of business for the last couple of days since finals ended. But, but, optional busyness is fun!

still life with girl and shuttle and cute vintage sweater find

One of the first things I did after finals was get a new haircut. One that turned this secret disaster area of a hairdo - the sheer number of split ends hiding in that deceptive shiny mess was truly astounding -

- into a hairstyle made of awesomeness and manageability. How many people can actually tell the difference? Hrmmm, not so many. But look! I has a cute hair flower!

And, in accordance with an agreement that my knitting buddy Bethany and I made, I cast on for Crown Prince the day after my last final. I'm another twenty or so rows past this by now, and every so often I have to spread it out and sigh with admiration. I'm so, so addicted, to both Estonian lace and this yarn, Zephyr wool-silk, and have been knitting on it through the Grey's Anatomy finale (ohmygod, no two hours of television have ever given me a heart attack like that before - good show, dudes) and the Lost finale (AHHHHHHHHH). I wove fabric out of it for my weaving private reading this semester, as well - it's super soft and already has incredible drape, even unblocked.

How have you been?

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