Friday, September 10, 2010



I'm afraid that heat and tests do not agree with me. Difference between A〜たらB、AとB、A〜すればB forms of saying "if A, then B"? Do not want.

Also, I am officially a dumbass. I lost my favorite scarf.

Tentative RIP, Miralda. I will still search for you in earnest, but I'm giving up hope. Even so, I know you're out there somewhere, soooomewhere, soooomewhere... all I want to see is your little smiling cashmere face once again.


Walk with me for a moment. Or rather, walk with the charming little crosswalk dude with a hat. Seriously! A top hat! Perhaps he's hot. Well, anyhow. Grab your umbrella and let's go.

Or, you know, stand there and look emo for a minute. That's fine too.

This here is a street that probably (maybe?) has a name. However, streets in Japan aren't super well-marked, and it's not like I could read them with any proficiency even if they were, so we'll just call this "the hill that I walk down on the way home from school". I'm walking on the right side of the street, facing traffic, which is quite an adjustment for us American types.

As a side note: Dear Japan, why are you so fucking magical all the time? I mean, seriously. Walking home there's this little staircase that leads somewhere on the side of the road. ??!!

And this little dude tells me when to turn left to get home. Now, if only he could tell me where to find Miralda...


Ondrea said...

Noooooooo! Miralda!

bitbopr said...

Miralda is out there having an adventure. You loved her, she loved you back. She will always be yours. xoxo.

Cory Ellen said...

@Talons: I KNOW RIGHT. I'm still looking, but getting more and more resigned to the fact that she is off to new and exciting pastures.

@bitbopr: I very much like that thought. xoxo.

Jen Graham said...

Your walk looks like so much fun. I would wander so much and get lost. Maybe even somewhere I shouldn't be and then my parents would be turned into pigs and I'd have to work off their debt in a weird spirit bath house, but I'd be so charming and earnest that everyone would love me and want me to succeed... Well, those stairs just reminded me of Spirited Away is all... Also your picture of the Genki book reminded me that I need to study times, ahhh!

Cory Ellen said...

@JenGraham: Yay Spirited Away! It think that it's probably the most nostalgic and representative movie of Japan for me, and I doubt I'm alone in that. :)
Go go, Genki study! がんばって、ね?