Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Outfit Post: Pattern Mixing


So I was looking in my closet and trying to figure out something comfortable, relatively casual, and suitable for walking about a mile to the pharmacy.  I came up with this flannel shirt, this thrifted and hemmed skirt, and these ridiculous socks.  Seriously, I don't actually know where they came from.  I found them in my sock drawer when I was sixteen without the foggiest idea where they came from.

Laundry day inspires the weirdest outfits.  Seriously.


The flannel was thrifted on one of my epic excursions with my friend Sparkle and the Lumberjack.  I love that it's flannel, which automatically means comfy, but has some tailored touches as well - the millions of buttons with tiny little button loops (solves the ever-present gappage problem!), the pintucks, and the slight puff above the cuffs.

The skirt I bought for a class project.  We had to modify a thrifted item, so I grabbed a super-90s maxi skirt in a rayon fabric, hemmed about 9 inches off the bottom and removed the tacky belt loops.  I've actually worn it a surprising amount, and have found the color to be a pleasant neutral.  For me, at least.

Actually, come to think of it, all of the clothing in this outfit probably cost me about $10 total.  Neat!


These earrings are from Oberlin, and they're made by Ruth, the owner of a shop called Bead Paradise.  She's also the mother of my favorite jewelry designers, the two-sister team Tasi, whose pieces are also carried at the shop.  I bought these amber drop earrings about two years ago and they've become a favorite member of my earring rotation.  I love how simple they are.

Flannel shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Earrings: Ruth, from Bead Paradise
Belt: from Oberlin's Free Store

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fecknom said...

This outfit is one of my faves so far. :D