Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work in Progress: Pomotomus


I love this sock so much: the yarn, Ella Rae Lace Merino, is perfectly suited for this pattern, Pomatomus by Cookie A.  It's sculptural, almost tear-inducingly beautiful in its precision.  But alas, sometimes the best laid plans, the best yarn, and the best patterns just don't mesh.  I cast on with size 1s the other day, and after a couple of silly mistakes, I finally got moving on it last night.  Once I had about four inches of the cuff, I tried it on, and...


Let's just say it didn't fit.  Let's not use the words "obviously" or "completely wrong" or "stuck on instep".  If only I knew someone with smaller feet.  Actually, scratch that - if only I wasn't selfish enough to want to keep these instead of finding a friend with smaller feet.  Despite the setback, I'm fairly sure that this pattern is what this yarn wants to be, so I'm going to pull it out and try again on size 1.5s.  It'll give me a good excuse to try out one of my graduation presents, which I'll be sharing shortly!

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