Monday, December 19, 2011

Outfit Post: The Best Red Sweater


So I think I've actually talked about this sweater a bunch of times already.  I picked it up at a local thrift shop for about $15.  It has single-handedly kicked off an obsession with red.  I can't explain what's so amazing about it - it's cashmere, it's a great shade of red, and it's big and slouchy, but it's also more than that.  It's the perfect comfortable-but-still-stylish sweater, the perfect figure-skimming shape.  It looks great with everything, and it makes me look like I'm trying much harder than I actually am.


I've worn a version of this outfit three times now; once to the opera with my mom, once to work, and now yesterday to go to a cookie decorating party with a coworker of the Lumberjack's.  The skirt is from New York & Company or something, and I got it from the Free Store in Oberlin.  So it was free.  At first I wasn't sure I liked it, but I've sure worn it a lot.


The boots are recently fixed and one of my favorite pairs of boots ever.  Actually, they were my first pair of boots ever, and they were expensive, but I have worn the crap out of them.  They were a little salt damaged from walking around Oberlin in the winter, so last week I finally caved in and took them in to a shoe repair place near one of my local yarn stores.  I got them refinished and the rubber heel tips of another pair replaced for $35 - a small price to pay to make over $400 worth of shoe wearable again!

In fashion school news, I finished my last class of the quarter on Saturday and have about two weeks off before I start again.  I'm excited to sew, knit, and sleep in a lot!

Lace overlay skirt: Free - New York & Company
Black buttoned boots: Amelia boots by Miz Mooz
Men's red cashmere sweater: Thrifted - Charter Club
Tights: Hue
Earrings (not visible): Tasi

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