Friday, December 30, 2011

Outfit Post: Long Layers


As long as you ignore the bright green socks, this is what I wore yesterday.  Lately I've found myself in a different mood in terms of clothing.  I definitely like little fitted sweaters and high-waisted pants, but I'm finding myself swinging in the opposite direction too: long, flowy, layered, more neutral/subdued in color, and sometimes no waist definition to speak of.  I've been moving in that direction for a while, but it wasn't really until the winter that I found myself reaching for this style of clothing more and more.


The Dries van Noten tied skirt was one purchase where I wasn't completely sure how it would integrate into my wardrobe.  I got it from a vintage boutique for $120, probably a small fraction of what it would have cost, and six months later, I'm more than sold.  I wear this skirt all the time.  It's easy and strange and I love how the ties float around down by my feet when I walk.  It goes with everything and nothing simultaneously.  Kind of like how it doesn't go with this tunic top (with pockets!  and slits at the cuff to wear them as mini-handwarmers!) and yet it works.  The proportions aren't right and the colors don't really work together and I loved wearing it all day.

Skirt: Dries van Noten, bought vintage
Cowl-neck Tunic: EcoSkin, bought from the awesome Radish Underground in Portland

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