Monday, December 17, 2012

Collection Fabrics

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I was at the school alone the other night, and I decided to pull all my fabrics out and take a look at them together.  I'd been having a nagging feeling that some gorgeous printed crepe de chine I bought a few months ago was not going to fit as well into the collection as I hoped, so I piled all my fabrics onto a table and arranged them by outfit.  When I put the aforementioned crepe de chine with the other colors, it was okay, but when I switched it out for the Liberty Tana Lawn I bought a week or so ago, everything just clicked.

I made a little schematic of each outfit, since I've found that visual guides really help me.  I still have to map out a detailed schedule, but I've started looking at how much work I have to do in the time that I have.  What you see here is 12 garments; two are hand-knit sweaters that you've already seen, and I've started working on the white camisole and the pink blouse.  So I have 13 weeks, starting January 1st, to make 12 garments.


Doing patternwork on a few pieces already has simultaneously made me feel better and worse.  Better: it's possible, and in fewer than 10 muslins.  (Thanks, black dress, for that harrowing experience!)  Worse: it's still a lot of work, and by a lot of work, I mean, I'm going to be knitting and sewing my little fingers off and muttering to myself under my breath until April 13th around ten pm.  Sounds like fun, huh?

In light of this fact, unfortunately, I'm going to have to reduce my blog schedule again.  I'm hoping to post in-progress photos, but it might be at 2 am on a Tuesday, or it might be at 8 pm on a Friday.  There might be less written content as well.  Hopefully I can resume a normal schedule sometime in late April.

Thanks for bearing with me, and have a great week!

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Turbo said...

You can do it, Corey!