Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Repairs: Green Scarf, or, The Joy of Dogs

IMGP6038 IMGP6039

So my brother just adopted a dog.  Her name is Ashley, and although she is a good dog, apparently she has already earned the moniker "Ash-hole" for some of her less desirable behavior.

...I'm seeing why.

My brother lives with my friend Derek, for whom I knit a scarf in February of this year.  Derek loves his scarf - hooray!  However, so did Ashley.  With her teeth.

I was worried at first that I wouldn't be able to fix the scarf, as I don't have any extra yarn, and the chomped bit has eaten up the yarn into short sections.  So I think instead of trying to patch a massive hole, I'm going to cut the middle section out and graft it back together at a pattern repeat, using any of the intact yarn to graft.

It's actually funny - I used all of the yarn in this project because in my experience, lace and socks are the only knitted things that get ruined easily enough to warrant a little ball of the excess yarn for repairs.

Guess I learned my lesson - doggie teeth know no gauge!


Erin said...

Oh no! I actually gasped when I saw your pictures. I think grafting is the way to go since it will probably the least noticable. Good luck with that. :(

sparkle said...

ohhhhh, that's painful to see. Not that I haven't seen similar yarn injustices with the "gang of four" Usually with finished items they just drag it around and/or suck on the wool till its nice and full of catspit. Sometimes they snag stuff while dragging it around. Good idea to graft. perhaps doggie needs something to play with like a nice playful kitten? Then they could destroy each other and not the knitted stuff......

Becca said...

Nooo! - hope it can be fixed - such a yummy scarf! :) x