Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Color Obsessions

So, one big way working towards The Show affected my creative brain was that although I was neither dressing particularly well nor knitting much, I was still consuming tons of content - patterns, blogs, magazines, books - without an outlet other than the clothes I was making.  Even though I was short on time to knit, shop, or write in the blog, I was pretty much always thinking about yarn, clothing, and visual inspiration.  Here's a few of my favorite color obsessions from the last eight months or so.

Romantic Multicolors.

I have always been a sucker for pink and purple, and lately that has translated into a deep love for soft, botanical multicolored yarns.

IMGP6356 IMGP9109IMGP9087 IMGP9114

Color Stories Inspired by Place.

I love the idea of creating multiple color palettes within my closet inspired by travel.  I always have distinct visual memories associated with places: the brilliant florals and greenery of Indonesia; the sophisticated neutrals of Japan; the greys and sodium yellows of Iceland.  And because I'm a nerd for organization, I like that I can group certain colors together - even disparate ones - when they have a visual inspiration attached to them.

Looking down towards the water, going down to Laugavegur, where all the shops are!
IMGP9097 IMGP9095 IMGP9093

IMGP6029 IMGP4501 IMGP2597

IMGP5682 IMGP4851 IMG_1908

Natural White.

I don't have the coloring to wear either pure white or brown greys, but I absolutely love natural white.  It's a warmer, more forgiving color than pure white, and neutral enough to complement a variety of other colors.  I used to ignore it - lumping it into the "white" category that just didn't work for me - until I realized it was the perfect shade for a scarf to wear with any color of coat, or for a throw for our grey couch, or as a contrast color to lavender grey and pale pink alike.

IMGP3280 IMGP9116IMGP9107 IMGP6378

Speaking of which, did I mention that I'm also obsessed with two-color shawls?  'Cause oh man, that's a story for another day.

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