Friday, June 28, 2013

FO: Spruce Forest

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At long last, I have started blocking some of the crap in my finished objects basket.  I hesitate to even mention how long this shawl has been languishing, but maybe the shame will keep me going - so uhhh, about nine months?


Anyhow!  I loved making this shawl, and I have a feeling that I will love wearing it.  Of course, I finished it just in time for summer, so it will probably have a nice long nap during the warmer months, but once it hits 50 degrees I plan to wear the crap out of it!  It's big and fluffy and very cozy, and it's a beautiful but unusual neutral.  I figured the best way to style it for photos was with a Victorian-style cotton blouse by Gunne Sax, as this shawl would be right at home on the prairie on a chilly morning.

Happy Friday!

Pattern:  Spruce Forest by Nancy Bush, from Wool People Vol. 2
Yarn:  Brooklyn Tweed Loft, colorway Postcard
Yardage: Almost all of 3 skeins of Loft - 825 yards
Needle size: US 5 instead of the recommended US 4 - I always go up a needle size on Nancy Bush patterns

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