Friday, July 26, 2013

The Little Things

Warning: Wedding talk ahoy! If weddings aren't your jam, feel free to stop here!

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When people have been asking me what I've been up to lately, my answer has been the same: wedding planning.  Which sounds much nicer than, "frantically emailing vendors and guests while muttering to myself, wearing sweatpants and grumpily shoving bowls of vanilla bean ice cream into my face."

So this morning, after sending the requisite 85 emails that needed to be sent, I had a minor panic attack and spent an hour trying on my wedding dress, deciding that it was all wrong, and tearing through my closet trying on every fancy vintage dress I own.  (Too sheer!  Too poofy-sleeved!  Too beige!  Too boring!)  In the end, Lumberjack and Sparklepants talked me down by reminding me that the color scheme is already decided, and my dress is very nice thankyouverymuch.

Wedding planning is bad for my health.

What is not bad for my health, however, are the great details that are beginning to come together: my Fluevog Keepsake wedding shoes; my amazing handmade necklace by Material + Movement, the absolutely beautiful handspun, hand-knit, and handsewn ring pillow specially made for us by a friend; my wedding ring, which was custom made to fit my engagement ring.  In the end, I am proud of these details - because they are beautiful, because their purchase supports local artists and businesses, because they are made with love.

And I have to keep in mind that even if nothing else comes together, Lumberjack and I will end up married with rings on our fingers, all of our guests will be fed, and I will be wearing kickass shoes.  Which is, really, all that matters.

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