Monday, February 3, 2014

Fashion Illustration: Vintage-Inspired Plaid Dress #3

plaid2 plaid

Next up on my Line & Proportion illustrations, I'm going to illustrate a design using cut paper, with Town & Country Style on a Rectangle Figure Type.  I'm going for preppy, Ralph Lauren-esque style, so I chose a classic red plaid for the dress.  It was surprisingly tricky to find the right plaid - I ended up having to special-order it from an internet scrapbooking company!  It made me realize how lucky I am that the scrapbooking and card-making hobby industry is as robust as it is: although I was pretty picky about the scale and color of the plaid, I was able to find it in the end, and had even less trouble finding leather-textured and velveteen paper.

I need to experiment a bit with it - I'm hoping that it will read as sophisticated and not third-grade-collage-y! - but I'm hopeful that I can make it work.

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