Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finished Object: Quincy

quincy quincy6quincy3 quincy2

At long last, I've finished the Quincy cap I've been planning for 2 years as part of my self-imposed Hat Challenge! Bet you thought I'd forgotten - fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you slice it, my brain is like a small, yappy dog when it comes to plans and commitments. Remember that thing you said you'd do five years ago for someone you barely knew? How's that goin? Do you feel bad yet? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Well anyhow. I cast on for it in July of last year, knitted for a bit, got distracted with wedding plans, and dropped it. Then Beetlegate happened, blah blah blah... long story short, two or three weeks ago, I picked it up for a paltry forty-five minutes and finished the sucker. It has been waiting, dry and happy, for woven-in ends and photos ever since. Monday morning, I decided to tackle a few little repair and finishing projects, and voila! Super cute '20s-vibe cloche and one less Work In Progress for the Brain Chihuahua to obsess over.

Done, and done.

Edited to add details!

Ravelry Page: coryellen's Quincy
Yarn: Araucania Azapa, color 80073
Yardage: ~130 yards
Needles: Size 10 US (6.0 mm) 16" bamboo circulars, Size 9 US (5.5 mm) double pointed needles


Nicole of all trades said...

How glad I am to see this oh so cute hat! I would like something similar for the spring and fall (not completely freezing seasons). How much yarn/what weight/when will I be able to get the pattern? :)

oklyous said...

Oh I really like it. Nice that you finally finished a project that has been lying around for that long - isn't that just a wonderfull feeling?!
I did the same with a cap (also a vintage design), and afterwards I was like - why on earth didn't I finish it ages ago?! But sometimes you just need a break from a project I guess.

Cory Ellen Boberg said...

@Nicole - Oh, I wish I could take credit for this adorable hat! It's called Quincy by Jared Flood, and it takes about 140 yards of bulky weight yarn.

@Oklyous - It's funny how that happens! Sometimes I just have to walk away from a project for a while before I can get excited about it again. But of course I have to knit something in the meantime, too, hence my multiple WIP-itude. And the cycle goes on, hah! :)