Friday, March 28, 2014

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

sleevefix2 sleevefix

This morning, I got all excited to set in the freshly blocked, brand-spankin' new reknit sleeves of Zelda. I sat down and eased one in using these nifty little clips, and sewed it in accordingly, and looked in the mirror... and was not happy. Still too much ease in the back of the sleeve! At this point, I threw convention to the wind and decided to set the dumb thing in any way that made it lay correctly, side seam and underarm seam matching be damned. I tried to move the junction mark of the sleeve back, making the shoulder seam meet the sleeve further from the front of the sleeve cap, and sewed it in.  It helped a little bit with the situation in the back, but then there was that sad little pocket in the front of the sleeve, back to haunt me. (No, Armpit Pocket, I still don't need to keep my keys there, thanks though.)

And I came to the sad, sad realization that there is still simply too much ease in the front of the sleeve and the top of the sleeve cap is too wide. It needs that little extra flap of fabric taken out, or it will always bubble unattractively. Luckily, I can easily rip back 15 rows and decrease out the extra (hooray for easy fixes!) but it means that my blouse won't be done this afternoon.

At this point, I think any other person would shrug and accept the silly thing the way it is. But if this blouse doesn't meet a certain threshold of sartorial greatness, there's no way I'm going to wear it, and I've already spent wayyyy too much time fussing with it to accept defeat now.

And so, onward!!

Happy Friday,


Nicole of all trades said...

This last paragraph sounds so much like my approach to knitting projects, especially if it's something I want myself or someone else to wear! :)

Julie I. said...

The final sweater fit & design was worth it! Glad you've been able to put those tough little clips to good use :)