Friday, May 8, 2015

WIP: Blue Flannel

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A few months back, I made some socks for Lumberjack. And, much to my surprise and delight, he wore them - a lot! As in, I had to steal them from his sock drawer to wash them, 'a lot.' After a week of near-constant wearing of the poor things, I realized that one pair of hand-knit socks just wasn't gonna cut it for this guy. So I started more, this time in some old stash yarn in a bright, variegated blue. I knew the yarn wasn't quite my color, but he really liked it, so onto the needles it went.

Overall, I've been trying to pare down not just my clothing and yarn (I'm doing a pretty gigantic purge - stay tuned on that front!) but also my works in progress. I've come to the realization that I often knit things out of a sense of obligation or guilt, usually because I've fallen out of love with the yarn, but it feels wasteful to give it away. Too long I've been making myself work with materials that don't give me the sort of joyful textural & color experience that I value so much in my knitting life - and what's worse is that I'm perfectly aware of it, long before I start!

So my goal in the coming months is to focus on projects and materials that I adore, and to let go of the yarn that doesn't make my heart sing, to make space for a more positive, engaged relationship with both my process and the product it creates.

And at the moment, that's socks for my darlin'.

Happy Friday, friends!


Hannah said...

I love that blue!

I definitely know what you mean. I purged my stash last month and decided to get rid of some yarn that I bought when I was a beginning knitter and didn't really know 'how' to buy yarn. Good luck with the paring down :)

Kat Riddell said...

That blue looks so fun to knit! I'm glad Lumberjack is so appreciative of his socks-hopefully with two pairs they'll get washed more frequently! Last year I got rid of a lot of yarn that just wasn't doing it for me anymore, and it was so liberating-good luck in your purge!

Andi said...

I think it is a brilliant idea to let go of anything that doesn't make your heart sing!
The socks are fantastic. :)

Unknown said...

Love the socks! They look great! My mom is like Lumberjack - LOVES knitted socks - so she is always happy to receive a pair. Which is great, as I love knitting them!