Friday, July 17, 2015

FO: Violet Lupine

violetlupine6 copy violetlupine5violetlupine violetlupine4

Oof, this week. Looming deadlines, business paperwork, class planning, and a veritable layer cake of family emergencies... looking back at the last few days, I'm impressed that I stood on two feet and spoke English, much less dealt with the aforementioned Important Adult Things with any semblance of competency. Not to sound unprofessional, but imagine a golden retriever wearing a propellor beanie at a laptop sending emails, and that's about where I've been for the last four days.

But hey, on the bright side, I finished a thing! This is my second Lupine shawl, knit in some Evil Genius Dye Lab single ply merino, which I bought at local shop in Puyallup a few months before it closed. It's not quite as squooshy as the Mechita, but with a tighter twist and overall texture reminiscent of Tosh Merino Light, I think it bodes well for this pattern playing nicely with a variety of yarns. (Clearly, I must make another one in a plied yarn, for science...)

As for this weekend, I'm going to head over to the Makers Market at Tolt Yarn and Wool with my friend Sooz to say hey to the Spincycle and YOTH gals, squish a prodigious amount of yarn, and check out all the other awesome local makers. And after this ridiculous week of mine, hanging out with yarn folks - who, according to my empirical evidence, are the nicest and best people on the planet - sounds positively luxurious.

ETA: Oh yeah... and details of my Violet Lupine are on Ravelry here.

Happy Friday, friends!


Turbo said...

Nice one, Cory!

Unknown said...

It's pretty in this colour too!

Kat Riddell said...

Oof, sounds like you had a whallop of a week. Hope the family stuff clears up, and that you can relax for a few days. I love the imagery of a golden retriever in a propeller beanie writing emails-I can definitely relate to that feeling!

Jenni said...

So pretty! Love the color too!