Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July So Far

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From my picture window, I've watched the summer sink its hot teeth into the landscape. In the space of a few weeks, the parking strips have crisped to the color of straw, and most days, the air has laid still and hot over the city, cooling only in the deepest part of the night. The heat is stifling, wilting, and wholly abnormal for this time of year. Even the animals are like, fuck that noise. The other day, I watched as a young crow flew into the yard and perched on the hedge for a second, only to find its feet entangled in the undergrowth of the juniper as it tried to lift off again. Taking this as an affront to its birdliness, it started flapping and squawking and fighting the branch as if it was the most dangerous kind of interloper - but then, somewhere in the middle of this bird-on-tree scuffle, it seemed to realize the absurdity of the endeavor, and hopped off sheepishly into the brush.

I feel ya there, crow.

Thankfully, our basement remains a cool refuge from the heat, and I've kept myself more than busy working, cleaning, designing, reading. I've managed to work steadily on a handful of design projects, and have finally started arranging the house into something approaching a habitable adult dwelling - but, as usual, even after one project is finished, there's always more to do.

And so, onward, July. Have the happiest of Wednesdays, friends!

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