Friday, August 7, 2015

Coral Moment


Today I am thinking of the tactile qualities of memory. The color of the sky the day I graduated from college; now four years past, but the memory still as hot and blue as the day it happened. Sitting on the fire escape at the school last summer, when the rain rolled in and my ballgown laid in a heavy pile of silk and pins on my work table. The feeling when a customer says that dress looks nice on you, and I think of Sufjan Stevens crying on stage while singing about his mother.

I've been having trouble writing about much of anything for the past few weeks. Secret projects and private matters both have been taking up my time and energy lately, and although they're not all that mysterious, they're still not mine to write about. So instead, I've been grasping for things that are real - wool, cloth, soap and water - and feeling alternately perplexed and joyful at the state of things.

And lately, this skein of yarn is one of the wooly things that's been sitting on my table and asking to become something. My friend Michael is quite a gifted spinner, and a few weeks after I admired this beautiful coral wool/silk on his wheel, he brought it to the shop and asked if I'd like to have it. (Would I??) Yesterday afternoon, I was taking photos of it in the dining room and realized how perfectly it matched my outfit - and after a rough day, that was a really nice little moment.

Hope you have an equally nice moment today. Happy Friday, friends.


Kat Riddell said...

Good for you for taking what moments you can find for yourself, even if the general state of things still feels a bit fluid. That yarn is gorgeous-it's so nice to have such lovely, generous friends in the fiber world :)

Unknown said...

So loving that beautiful yarn. I'm sure in your hands it will find its way into an even more gorgeous knit. :)

Becca said...

Colour, like a smell or a song, is one of those things that can hold a memory safe for us, and release it when we least expect it. Loved reading your thoughts on this. Here's to finding peace in tangible things and recognising small blessings. That stunning coral pink is going to make something beautiful. x