Friday, October 2, 2015

Sneak Peek: Nusa

 nusafo3 nusafo2

Woohoo, the Nusa cowl sample is finished! Now, it just needs some photography and pattern editing before it's ready for test knitters. And of course, I'm already thinking about knitting a second one. I have a funny habit of knitting all of my designs at least twice - usually I'm so harebrained during the first sample that it's nice to slow down and make it as a knitter, not as a designer, for the second. I already have some yarn wound up for it and everything. With a big, deadlined sample on the needles right now, I'll probably be daydreaming about it all weekend.

Happy Friday, friends!


Chris said...

Wow, is that ever pretty! I love the colours you chose and the stripes and the lace combo is pretty darn nice! Look forwRd to your pattern!

Becca said...

That fan edging is the stuff of dreams! Love the bold stripes and delicate lace combo. :) x

Tahnee said...

This is a beautiful cowl, congrats on such a fantastic design!

Alina said...

It looks stunning! Love the lace and color mixed together!

Unknown said...

I just love this color combination! I would wear it all the time.