Thursday, March 3, 2016

Two Hats: The Same, But Different

sweetpea3 magiccreek7magiccreek2 sweetpea

These two hats - both recently knitted, finished, and photographed - illustrate a split in my recent style of dress. On one hand, you have the über-feminine retro princess; on the other, you have the goofy, neon, punk-pop badass. Like an obnoxious baby of equal parts Megan Draper and Avril Lavigne.

Lately, I like to think that I channel both of these things to some degree. It's a part of being a human with a particular identity that I hadn't thought about much before now: that any given day, you might feel more one thing than the other; that it's okay to claim each as your own, and yet also express them differently (or not at all!) depending on how you feel at that moment.

Sometimes as I designer I put this pressure on myself to be one definable thing all the time - so that I might be more easily recognizable, maybe? - but at the end of the day, I enjoy the breathing room of not choosing. Some days I want to look soft and approachable, to wear pink and high heels and smile all the time. Some days I want to look like a neon sign that looks cool but also like it might fall on your head if you walk underneath it (but mostly in a friendly way?)

Is it possible to be strong and awesome and no-bullshit but also approachable and fun and nice? 'Cause gosh, I want to be that.

Oh well. Here's some hats.

Sweet Pea Cairn - more details on Ravelry here.
Magic Creek - more details on Ravelry here.

Happy Thursday, friends!

(I promise I will never be a neon sign that falls on your head. I was just kidding. Please don't run away.)



Kat Riddell said...

You are totally strong and awesome and no-bullshit and approachable and fun and nice! I feel this pressure a lot too-my style swings between "crazy art teacher," "town witch," and "yoga instructor," and sometimes I wish that I had a bit more of a focused identity. But I love all of these pieces of me, and day-to-day I like to present as more one than another, and I've come to peace with that :) I love both of these hats, and they both look very "you" :D

Cory Ellen Boberg said...

Thank you, friend! <3 I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one with a split style identity (and um, I love all of your descriptors, so that's great too.) It just makes things more interesting, right? Right!