Saturday, May 14, 2016

Nusalong: It's An FO!

mermaidy2 mermaidy4mermaidy5 mermaidy

Friends, I think I've gone full-on mermaid. I can't get enough neon. All I want to is wear flowy things. I have this strange desire to comb my hair with a fork and wear a seashell as a hat. (Or is it a top? I can never remember.)

But I guess it's good timing that the Nusalong is ending this evening at 11:59 pm (remember to post to the Ravelry FO thread if you haven't already!!), because now I can quit my human job and apply to become a mermaid full-time! And how could that possibly go wrong?

...y'know, besides for every reason.


Oh well. I will content myself with wearing mermaidy things and smooshing my face in my new Nusa cowl, which is well and properly mermaid-tastic.

Thanks again to Stephania at Three Fates for sharing her gorgeous yarns with us, and to you all for participating! I'll be choosing winners of all three prizes and posting their names next Tuesday, May 17th. Stay tuned!

(Details of my Nusa are on Ravelry here.)

Happy (late) Friday, friends!


Hannah said...

Oh Cory you are so beautiful! And I am in love with that yarn... I may have even bought a few skeins last night for my own Nusa ;)

Kat Riddell said...

We should all run away and be mermaids! I love the colors in this Nusa so much-definitely very mermaid-y :)

Turbo said...

Beautiful, as always!