Sunday, December 6, 2009

rock me mama like a wagon wheel

Things that would be nice right now:

California (northern, please!)
enough time in the day to do homework, knit, and exercise... because now only one of those is happening, and guess which one it is
time to sketch and daydream about yarn
Christmas at the beach with family
clean socks
batteries for my camera
the first real snow
hot chocolate
sleep without an alarm
seeing old friends
listening to Wagon Wheel on repeat

in 13 days, most of these will be happening.

I'm pretty excited.

(Yarn story: I bought this Jitterbug on discount from a place in Santa Barbara called Cardigans. It was warm all the time, I got to hang out on the beach with one of my friends, and I got yarn with my mom at three different places. I am so nostalgic about my California trip this summer, it's not even funny.)

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