Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There's something magical in the act of taking an idea from sketch, to swatch, to reality. Something promising latent in the uncertainty and excitement of learning a new cast-off, or in using an old method in a new way, or in watching what blooms after a good soak in Eucalan and cold water.

Today I did all of the finishing on the Issaquah vest. It's blocking downstairs as we speak. There's waist shaping, two colorwork motifs, applied i-cord edging, a traditional Cowichan bind-off at the shoulder, and a gorgeous, horribly time-consuming garter-stitch shawl collar. I puzzled over PGR's instructions while watching a samurai flick for history class. There's a little pile of yarn bits sitting on my bedside table from the weaving in of ends. My room is a disaster. My last cup of coffee was at 8 pm. I wish the damn vest would dry already so that I could put it on over my Smart-Wool turtleneck and go to chem class and show that while I struggle with crystal structures, I am quite aware of perfect and imperfect symmetry.

In other words, I really can't wait to share this one.

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Ondrea said...

Yay!!!!! (SRSLY) !!!!!!!!!!