Friday, July 2, 2010

Epic vintage haul: Part III: yellow is the color of the day!

Hoo boy! Here's some more from last week's thrifting excursion. The first is a great little sweater I got for 99 cents at the Elyria Salvation Army. I wish I had a better picture of it, but unfortunately my camera crapped out right as I finished taking this one.

It's a size 42, the tag says Halle Brothers (which my friends told me was a chic department store back in the day), 100% wool (!!!!!), made in Hong Kong. When I picked this up, I thought for sure that it was acrylic, as there are more than enough little lace sweaters that look cute but feel like crap because... well. I guess I'm biased (and a snob) but I'm just not a fan of acrylic, even in vintage stuff. The sweater has a crocheted button band and collar, which is nice and sturdy.

And, because it's wool, it's been cool enough to wear even on slightly toasty days. And on slightly chillier days - which we've actually had for the last three days or so, which I'm in total love with - it's a nice layer. I wore it in the lab at CMA the other day because they keep the AC cranked up so high, and I wasn't cold at all. Oh wool. My one true love. (Shhhhh, Crown Prince. You're wooly, sort of.)

And then there's this dress, also from SA Elyria. (You'll have to forgive the dorky expression.) It's (suprise) a sheath from Anne Taylor that is (legitimate surprise) a size 4. It's linen and wrinkles like crazy, but damn if it doesn't look smashing when worn with the right attitude and heels. For actually wearing it out I nixed the matchy shoe and cardigan combo for no cardigan, but otherwise: perfection. It's such a great color yellow, and I got several compliments on it today.

Also adorable: buttons up the back. Nigh impossible to get myself into without help, but so worth the cute factor.


Now all I gotta do is throw my poke-your-eyes-out yellow Koigu socks at these pieces, and I'd have quite the outfit.


bitbopr said...

Is that hexacomb I see? Adorable!

Cory Ellen said...

It is indeed! Aww, thanks! :)