Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why yes, it is 90 degrees out. Why do you ask?

One might question the prudence of putting on a sweater and hat and going outside in sweltering weather. And then taking pictures of it.

But if you had just finished a hat this cute, I think you would too.

Pattern: Connie Chang Chinchio's Blume Hat, from Knitscene Fall 2010
Yarn: 1 skein Colinette Jitterbug (320 yards) , colorway Whirly Fig
Needles: Size 3 US for body, size 2 US for picking up for brim
Modifications: I think I picked up an extra 4 or 5 stitches around the brim, because I sure wasn't going to count all over again. Other than that, none.

I love the '20s vibe I get from this one, which is totally not present in the magazine picture. With the Extreme Ruffleage, I was a little concerned that it looked too much like... well, a bonnet. (The pink did not help in this case.) But block it and slap a flower on it, and it says, "Hello my name is Cory and I am so cheeky that I might just explode" instead of "Hi, my name is Cowy, don't judge me, I can't quite pronounce my r's yet because I'm a giant toddler."

Cool, huh?

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