Monday, July 19, 2010

pink corduroy

I got the newest issue of Knitscene the other day. I was flipping through and noticed that I really, really liked a couple of the designs, and they were small enough that I might even get around to knitting them. The one that caught my attention was Connie Chang Chinchio's Blume Hat and Gloves - but namely, the hat. Simple! Feminine! Ruffled! (I'm a sucker for ruffles.) For some reason, the yarn that I immediately thought of was this skein of Jitterbug that I got at Loopy while visiting my knitting buddy in Chicago last fall break, in the colorway Whirly Fig. It's basically the perfect pink: softly multi-tonal, quiet but firm, the color of a mouse's nose. It also happens to be the exact color of a pair of pink cords I had when I was about fifteen, and Jitterbug is so tightly twisted (hoorah! hoorah!) that the resulting fabric looks a little like corduroy, too.

I finished the body of the hat today. Actually: I was so productive today! Weaving and kanji chapters and sewing of zippers, oh my!

This message brought to you by iced coffee, Wyder's raspberry hard cider from Trader Joe's, and girltalking with my lovely friend/housemate Natalie while lying on the living room floor.


Denise said...

Can't wait to see it finished...

Cory Ellen said...

Thanks for the comment! A picture is up and I'll be trying to get more when it isn't so bright outside. :)