Saturday, February 5, 2011

.....and more socks.


Best way to start a weekend: cast on for another sock, this time a Retro Rib (rav link) in Aslan Trends Santa Fe (rav link, normal link), and go to the Feve for beers with friends.  Hence the poorly lit picture.  I'm about four hours of work away from finishing the preliminary translation of Hand-Knit Works, which has been pretty exciting.  I've learned a ton about reading Japanese, and lots of kanji for yarn content.  Yeah!

These socks also happen to be especially good knitting for Korean thriller/horror flicks.  I watched one the other day called I Saw The Devil, and although it was incredibly gruesome, certain moments in the cinematography have stuck with me.  Not recommended for anyone who doesn't like goopy horror films.  If Oldboy gave you the heebie-jeebies, stay far, far away.

Now, if only the semester wasn't starting on Monday... really cuts into my knitting and movie-watching time.

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