Saturday, February 12, 2011

Socks Continued


On Monday, I had this much sock.


And on Friday, I had this much sock.  As of last night at 12 am, I have about two rows and a toe left to do, and precious little yarn with which to complete it.  This part always feels like challenging the knitting gods just to see if they're paying attention.  Which leads me to ask, since I'm taking a Japanese religion course: is there a knitting kami?  Hmm.


In other news, my Winter Term Capstone project is done.  Translated, interpreted, typed, formatted (and formatted, and formatted, and formatted), and printed.  I spent a good 30 hours on formatting alone.  Now she's done and in the hands of my advisor. 

 Two of the biggest obstacles before graduating were my Capstone (which is sort of like a senior thesis/senior project) and the last 14 credits of coursework this semester.  Now, I'm 1/2 , and it feels like a huge weight has been taken off.

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Melissa @ Miso Crafty Knits said...

You're such a fast knitter! Congrats on being 1/2! :)