Monday, May 23, 2011

WIP Post: Pre-blocking Miralda 2.0


One of the responses I got from my giveaway questions was that people would like to see my lace before it's unblocked.  I finished this Miralda over a month ago, and have been too busy to block it until now.  I'm hoping to get it on the wires tomorrow.  When I compared it to Miraldette, the unblocked piece was about two inches shorter at the center decrease line.  Blocking changes both the size and drape of the lace, and it's kind of cool to have multiple shawls so I can see the before and after at the same time.


I'm thinking this might be my graduation shawl.  I didn't have a chance to knit one specifically for that purpose, but I figure I have enough shawls lying around that I can pick one that goes with my dress.  (Which also has yet to be determined.  And graduation is in a week.  Eek!)


I'm leading a knitalong of Miralda at my LYS, and probably starting another tomorrow for a commission.  I can't get enough of Miralda.  It's sort of ridiculous.

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Angel said...

I might need to knit one... so pretty!