Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stash Appreciation: Socks That Rock Waterlilies


The sun finally came out today.  So far this week has been a mixture of small blessings and failures: I registered for Sock Summit; my $80 computer charger broke after only 9 months of use; my favorite yarn came in to my LYS in a brilliant red, which I promptly bought; I've felt like crap from allergies and headaches and cramps.

Apologies for the sporadic posting - finals are in a scant two weeks, so I've been running around trying to prepare myself.  As usual, it's much harder to motivate when I'm nineteen days away from graduation.  I'd much rather sit in my LYS, play Kings with my friends who aren't graduating this year, lie in the grass, pack my boxes, and say my long goodbye to the place and people I've called home for the last four years.


But onto the yarn: this is Socks that Rock Lightweight in the colorway Waterlilies, slated to become the adorable Breaking Hearts socks by Cristi aka Turtlegirl76, who takes awesome pictures of her kitties along with her yarn and projects.


I picked this skein up at Tricoter out in Seattle last August.  I have this problem that whenever I go to Tricoter, I always end up buying either Socks that Rock or Handmaiden yarn!  I like to support my LYS here in Ohio, so I don't usually get my staple yarns from Tricoter, but I can always count on them for a luxury skein or two.  I also bought the Handmaiden Seasilk I used for Swallowtail at Tricoter.


I love this colorway of STR.  I had a waterlily-themed room when I was little that my mom decorated for me, and I have more than a little soft spot for pink, so this skein called out to me from the basket.  I like that it reflects a lot of the colors in Oberlin right now: the pink of the magnolias, white clouds, yellow-green buds.


Come on, spring.  Just a little while longer and I can enjoy you for real.

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Neuroknitter said...

I love the Waterlilies color and have never knit with it...I better rectify that!

That color will make GOOOORgeous Breaking Hearts socks! Can't wait to see them!!