Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saturday Brunch


These pictures are from a few Saturdays ago, when Lumberjack and I decided to venture out into the city for some lunch, which ended up being brunch at a restaurant in Bellevue called Z'Tejas.  Lumberjack had Chicken and Potato Hash (with a fried egg on top!) and I had a breakfast quesadilla with bacon and tomatillo sauce, both of which were extremely delicious.

I recently developed an allergy to avocados (which is perhaps the saddest allergy ever) and I have to be pretty careful at Mexican-style restaurants, because avocado is on everything!  I didn't have any trouble the day we went for brunch, but we ended up going back later that week, and I had to send back a sandwich because it had avocado that wasn't listed on the menu.  I usually check when I order, but didn't this time - that'll teach me!

We also shared a frozen margarita that had layers of blue CuraƧao, melon, and black raspberry syrups - it was almost too pretty to drink.  (Almost.)


These last couple of weeks have been crazy - I finished my grant from Oberlin last Wednesday, then had a crazy weekend out with Lumberjack and my brother, then went to see Lumberjack's grandmother on Monday.  Is it bad that I'm already ready for the weekend again?

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