Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stash Appreciation: Handmaiden Seasilk


I think this is a relatively new colorway of Handmaiden Seasilk - it's called Turkish Delight, and something about the combination of bright grapefruit pink, orange, and minty green really drew me.  I always love bright colors, but these colors are a little different, a citrusy departure from my usual saturated magentas, greens and purples.


I think it's going to become another simple small shawl - I'm thinking either Shetland Triangle or the Flower Basket shawl, both Evelyn Clark patterns with relatively simple repeats that would show off the colors really well.  I might have to cast on for it soon; I'm really excited to see how it knits up!

Today's Fashion School Blows My Mind moment: today I learned how to draw different types of bows, pleats, and ruffles.  It's really cool to go from recognizing particular styles to being able to draw those styles in an accurate way.  Next week I get to come up with my own original dress to draw in class!

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megan said...

What a gorgeous colorway! I love the Shetland Triangle shawl - I may even have to put it on my to-do list :)