Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WIP Post: Monkey Socks


I've caught the fever.

And the fever is twofold:

First, I cannot stop knitting with my 2.5 mm Signatures.  What once may have been a "preference" or an "affinity" has become a full-blown obsession.  They make a little shick sound when you slide the stitches down them.  The points are divinely pointy (if a little scary).  Picking up stitches on the heelflap is a breeze.  I can't stop.


And the second?  Well, after five years of sock knitting, I've finally jumped on the Monkey boat.  I tried casting on right before Sock Summit with my 2.25 mm Knitpicks needles, but the 64-stitch version ended up too small.  I cast on again a few days ago, and the same 64 stitches on 2.5 mms makes gentle stripes and fits.  Although, holy moly, how about that unstretchy stitch pattern?  I must have high arches, because even though the leg fits perfectly, it's hard to get it over my heel.  But don't despair, Monkey - I still love you!


The lack of stretch is completely made up for by the way the stitch pattern plays so nicely with the yarn.  The yarn is a Fiesta color of the month in the August colorway, Gladiolus.  My first pair of socks was knit from a Lorna's Laces colorway that echoes this one pretty strongly - although those socks have long since passed on to the Great Hiking Boot in the Sky, the idea of having another pair of socks in those perfectly springy colors is pretty exciting.


sparkle said...

told you so.........and Ondrea prefers bamboo? We'll show her the error of her ways some day.....

Melissa @ Miso Crafty Knits said...

I had issues with my Monkeys too...so sad. Such a beautiful pattern but the fit was another story. Gorgeous yarn btw!!

Aren't Signatures amazing?? I haven't tried the DPNs, just the circs and now I want more! I swear they make me knit faster!!

megan said...

I adore this colorway!! It looks fantastic with the pattern :)


astoriaAnn said...

I'm making my first monkeys as well. Though, oddly, despite it being springtime, mine are in STR Coppertree which is very woodsy and autumn-y. Loving them though, they go fast and are easy to memorize and make the variegation look great.