Monday, November 14, 2011

FO: Ene's Scarf


My blocking queue had gotten a little long again, so I've been trying to block at night while I'm thinking about it.  It's started getting dark around 4 pm since Daylight Saving's Time, so I've had to plan my time according to the light a bit more.  So, last week I finally blocked Ene's Scarf, a project I finished probably a month ago.  Above is how I'll probably wear the shawl, but for the sake of showing it off, here it is from some other angles.


This is the shawl unblocked.  It measured about 22 inches at the spine, and was very crumply.


After blocking?  Pure magic.  The spine now measures 32 inches, which means it grew just about 10".


I really, really enjoyed working with this yarn, Madelinetosh Prairie.  Tosh Merino Light is the popular Tosh yarn on Ravelry right now - so popular, in fact, that LYSs are having a hard time getting and keeping it on the shelves! - but as a lace nerd, I totally covet Prairie.  It's a finer version of TML, relatively tightly spun for a single, seems to be pill-resistant so far, and has the most beautiful shine at its core, almost as if it contained silk.


The best part, though, as with all of the Madelinetosh yarns, is its deep, awe-inspiring color.  This particular colorway is called Curiosity, and it is a shapeshifter - lavender in some lights, blue with violet undertones in others.  The subtle variegation of the yarn doesn't distract from the lace pattern one bit, but lends that depth of color that I just love.


The fabric it creates is light as a feather, too.  I'll have to style this shawl a little differently than my heavier ones, perhaps as a light layer over sweaters rather than a standalone scarf.  Seattle has gotten chilly as well as dark lately, and I haven't yet tested how well this shawl keeps the cold out.

All in all, a very satisfying and quick knit that I can't stop looking at because it is so dang pretty.

Pattern: Ene's Scarf, from Scarf Style collection.  Pattern by Nancy Bush.
Yarn: Madelinetosh Prairie, colorway Curiosity
Yardage: About 800 yards of a 840-yard skein
Needles: Size 6 US Addi Turbo Lace
Modifications: I did a cable cast-on and two rows of garter stitch as set-up rows before the first chart.  Miralda employs this garter set-up, and I love the way it looks as an edging to set off the lace.  Otherwise, I knit the pattern exactly as written.  As usual, Nancy Bush writes beautiful and easy-to-read patterns.

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