Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekly Reading

Reading. Totally not napping. What are you talking about.

Sarai of Colette patterns wrote about her experience at Quilt Market and brought up some very good points about the perceived differences between quilting and garment sewing in the needle arts industry.

Megan Nielsen of Megan Nielsen Patterns shared some really helpful information about starting a business online.

This kind of outfit from Sea of Ghosts (and Sea of Ghosts in general - her blog is a new favorite) has been majorly influencing my clothing choices lately: lots of rings, lots of grey, slouchy shirts and a little bit of edge.

Andi finished a gorgeous Audrey in Unst, and noted something that I have to try really hard to remember too: it's almost never a good idea to knit something because you feel like you need to.

Patty the Snug Bug, another recent blog find, did a series this month on fixing languishing projects.  Her fixed-up magenta Colette Beignet skirt, and the resulting color pairings, are spectacular.

Susan Crawford's new book, A Stitch in Time Volume 2, has just come out in the UK, and she posted this video of some the new designs on her blog.  So.  Excited.

Kate Davies wrote an in-depth review of her Deco cardigan after a year of wearing.  Just another reason why wool is amazing.

I'm a little late in the season to repost it, but Jules' deer hat with little antlers is so freaking adorable I couldn't resist.

Happy weekend!

Awesome image copyright Susan Crawford.

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