Friday, November 30, 2012


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The last month or so has been tough on almost every front - school, life, knitting - and my blocking basket is showing it.  I've been knitting a lot, actually, but you wouldn't know it to look at the blog or my Ravelry project pages.  Because as soon as I finish something, it gets cast aside for a new project, even though it just needs those easiest last steps of blocking and photographing.

So I have 1500 yards worth of projects, just waiting.  Two shawls, two cowls.  And honestly, if we're keeping count, another two small scarves are waiting for buttons and a sweater needs blocking before I can finish the collar.  Egads.

Unfortunately, it might be like this until... well, April.  I have to have my black dress completely done by December 20th, which is a big hurdle.  But then I have to start working on my line, and take winter quarter classes, and finish up some classwork, and... well, you can see how it keeps on piling up.

I am optimistic, however: this week was majorly derailed when I caught a cold on Tuesday, so I'm hoping that next week I will be able to go to school and bust out some work (and write some blog posts with Real Content!), instead of hiding in bed for three days with my stuffed dolphin and copious amounts of Gatorade and tissue.  And maybe I can get some blocking and photographing in, too.

Onward, Friday!

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Ondrea said...

You can do it!!

ALSA, I think Mackie totally counts as Real Content.